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    The ASSOCIATION OF INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF TRADE, INDUSTRIAL AND SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP (ASSOCIATION TISE) was established in 2019 to promote economic and cultural exchanges between Moscow and Slovenia in the implementation of the program of activities that contribute to finding a mutual interest between the business communities of the two countries.

    The ASSOCIATION TISE is working on a wide range of issues of cooperation in the field of automotive industry, energy, construction, transport and tourism. In addition to strengthening cooperation between business entities and exchange of useful information, ASSOCIATION TISE makes a significant contribution to the development of new relationships. Thus, the work of the ASSOCIATION TISE affects all of the major areas of Russian-Slovenian relations.

    The ASSOCIATION TISE is a non-profit organization. The legal basis for the activities of the ASSOCIATION TISE is mandated by the law of the Russian Federation "On non-profit organizations", the Charter of the ATISE.

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