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  • 03/22/2018

    The residential building was built in 2009 and consists of B+GF+3F. Total net floor area of the residential units is 2.444 m2 with 2,495 m2 of appertaining land. The facility consists of 43 residential units in different sizes (between 34 m2 and 98 m2).  The facility is in need of renovation.

    Asking price: 1,900,000.00 € + tax
    Total land plot floor area: 2,495.00 m²
    Year of construction: 2009
    Energy performance class: C (35-60 kWh/m²a)
    Address: Vintarjeva ulica 4, Vojnik 

    Excellent opportunity for investors interested in the development of a residential project.
    If you are interested in buying or renting a property, we kindly request you submit your indicative offer by either filling out the form provided or contacting the relevant contact person. All offers will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and you will be informed about our decision as soon as possible. We also kindly ask you to review our General Terms and Conditions.

    More information: http://nepremicnine.dutb.eu/en/realestate/Slovenia.d194/Savinjska.r11/Apartment.v1/for_sale.k1/ad305...

    Agent license number: 0213902108
    Phone: +386 14 29 38 34
    mobile: +386 30 60 27 28
    e-mail iva.kozar@dutb.eu